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Founding partner Kennerly Clay does most of the work around here but we sometimes draw from our team of writers with expertise in a wide range of industries and media. We will find the right person for your project, no matter what. 

Kennerly began her career in New York City with a degree in fashion merchandising, marketing and management.  She got her start in the magazine publishing industry as an advertising assistant at Town & Country magazine when she was 19 years old. From there she went on to work in distribution, promotions and editorial at Hearst Magazines and got her first published blurb in American Style magazine, a Whittle communications pub, where she worked as assistant to the editor. 

Later she migrated to California and received her BA in English with Writing Emphasis at the University of San Francisco where she graduated summa cum laude. During her years in San Francisco, she worked for author, celebrity socialite, and global diplomat, Pat Montandon, founder of Children As the Peacemakers, where she gained experience in public relations and writing grant proposals, not to mention creative visualization and guided meditation. After college she embarked for Japan and spent three years teaching English to Japanese junior high and elementary school students through the Japan Exchange & Teaching Programme

While in Japan – during the early days of the internet – she taught herself HTML (her first website had flashing icons and a screaming clash of backgrounds on every page). After her time in Japan she traveled in Southeast Asia for six and a half months before returning to the East Coast. In the Philadelphia region she worked as a technical writer for PricewaterhouseCoopers and later as a web content developer at Xlibris, a print-on-demand book publishing firm, and has contracted with companies such as QVC, CHOP and Lincoln Financial.

Kennerly is a graduate of the Dale Carnegie communication course and the Sandler Sales Training. She is a senior graduate of Landmark Education, transformative thinking and leadership programs for people who want ongoing access to living an extraordinary life. She is passionate about entrepreneurship and personal development and loves to help others discover their passion and reach their fullest potential. 

Kennerly has an international perspective informed by her years of teaching English in Japan and traveling extensively throughout Asia, the South Pacific, Central America and Europe. Her adventures include mingling with Zapotec Indians in Oaxaca, drinking bilos of kava under the full moon in Fiji, skydiving in New Zealand, koala snuggling in Australia, riding elephants in Thailand, trekking Nepal’s Himalaya, shooting an AK47 in Cambodia, and dancing in the streets of Chau Doc to Santana tunes with a toothless Vietnamese grandmother. 

She now lives an adventurous life with her husband and two sons, Cooper and Bo, in the Philadelphia suburbs. She continues to expand her campaign for wildlife corridors in the United States through web and social media content (Give Wildlife a Brake) while working on a memoir Letters from East of Nowhere: Daddy’s Words to Live, Drink & Die By, due out on Father’s Day 2023. 

You can follow her on Amazon and Goodreads.