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Building brands, creating vision, capturing attention and converting with words that speak louder

I’ve had some pretty great wins when it comes to strategic content, thanks to keyword research and analysis, content review and auditing, analytics monitoring and reporting. Having worked for a cumulative 8+ years in health care, I’m attuned to Accessibility issues and have basic familiarity with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines. I’ve worked closely with web designers and developers to address content issues such as color contrast, alt image tagging, and how screen readers follow content flow on mobile. My experience on multiple web and UX teams has included participating in usability testinguser experience testing, and applying user workgroup feedback to web content strategy and development.

Information architecture: Creating content pillars and topic clusters

What I’m really jazzed about these days is content pillars of the HubSpot variety, and bringing this fresh, proactive, totally-makes-sense way of thinking and doing things, to businesses that crank out tons of content that grows unwieldier by the minute.

I’m looking for opportunities to implement the topic cluster model because: 
  1. I won’t have to work so darn hard at all that keyword research for individual pages
  2. There will be less KW overlap and cannibalization of pages on individual websites
  3. SEO will get smoother, like buttah! And things will all around work better. Especially given the way people search these days (e.g., voice).
Pillar content works because all the related pages help each other out. All ships rise with the search engine tide, kind of thing.

Meanwhile, here are some example of SEO content I’ve created in the traditional vein (i.e., keyword research and strategies, on-page optimization for that keyword phrase), and many, many hundreds more. 

MediaMark Music | MediaMark Spotlight
Digital marketing firm sonic branding division

B2C copy for Penguin Brands Shoe Care – About Penguin

​​Opioids Addiction | Main Line Health
Consumer-facing health condition content for hospital health system