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My strength and focus is in leveraging content to improve organic rankings in the SERPs and I use a variety of tactics to do that. I work with agencies and marketing partners who specialize in paid performance and I support their marketing efforts on the organic side.

I use tools like Google Analytics, Moz and SEMrush to navigate, monitor and inform everything I do from a content perspective, including:

  • Determining performance of existing pages
  • Making decisions about keywords and opportunities
  • Deciding when it’s time for content to be revamped or repurposed (or forwarded to something else that’s similar in subject but higher performing)

I use analytics strategies such as:

  • Content structuring for voice search and SERP features (e.g., Featured Snippets, People Also Ask, etc.)
  • Internal linking and external linking to relevant, reputable sites

I pay attention to what’s converting, whether it’s a download, a watched video, a phone call, appointment or event registration. 
I leave the technical SEO to the web developers but I can talk some tech when it comes to page performance and what might need to be addressed on the front or back end.

Having worked for a number of years for a large hospital health organization with many thousands of web pages, I enjoyed previously built brand awareness and the privilege of pre-established, off-page SEO. One area I’ve kept an eye on, however, is toxic backlinks, using the Google Disavow Toxic Backlinks to address this.

Stuff I'm proud of

  • Accelerated blog growth from monthly audience average of 6,000 in 2016 to 66,000+ users per month in 2022 and growing
  • Saved health system $45,000 in health content licensing fees by writing hundreds of pages of high-quality, original health condition and treatment content on deadline for new website launch; gained 10.76% in Total Users YOY
  • Improved cost of acquisition from $412 to $183 month-over-month, and number of qualified calls from 8 to 18, with total re-org and refresh of physical rehab pages 
  • Improved search performance and gained 229% in Search Visibility for urgent care page, eventually settling in 7% range with sustained gain of 73%, with revised keyword strategy and content updates to page (2017-2018)
  • Decreased Total Misspellings by 521% in FY2018 compared to FY2017 using SiteImprove to identify misspellings, errors, and items to ignore or omit throughout website
  • Generated clickthrough completions (conversions) to ZocDoc up 72% in first half of 2019 compared to same period in 2018, by improving information architecture and CTAs to drive higher volumes
    • Organic Traffic clickthroughs to ZocDoc up 92% in first half of 2019 compared to same window in 2018
    • 90% of all ZocDoc clickthroughs came from Organic Traffic vs. Paid 
  • Ramped up email open rates by average of 7.1% in first 6 months of newsletter management with strategic subject lines, A/B testing, Headline Analysis, and content strategy