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‌In Calling of Ancestors: Finding Forgotten Secrets in My DNAauthor Kennerly Clay discovers through DNA testing more than one mystery about her genetic ancestry.

Genetic connections and genealogical research lead Kennerly on a fascinating quest to uncover forgotten family secrets in her paternal lineage. What gets revealed tells a different family story than the one handed down. The author soon finds herself confronting racism within her family while also exploring her own deep-seated biases at a time when much of the U.S. is trying to come to grips with the effects of racial injustice. In this insightful and powerful story of discovery, the author exposes her own limitations as she discovers the selfishness of white privilege in the process of unraveling a genetic mystery.

Readers are left to reflect on the epigenetically, energetically, spiritually causal relationship between the ugly legacy of slavery⏤not only on those who were enslaved but also on those who enslaved them⏤and the generational effects of long-term racism, violence and abuse on its descendants to this day.

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