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Ad copy that draws readers in and advertorials to inform, educate, entice to take action

While employed at Main Line Health, I was asked to write ad copy recognizing the organization’s ranking in U.S. News & World Report. My “Quality Keeps Good Company” copy was featured in digital and print ads as well as this large display ad kiosk in King of Prussia Mall

As part of an overall marketing campaign for OB/GYN care at Main Line Health, I was tasked with writing copy for an ad to run in Philadelphia Magazine geared to women who were thinking about having children and were in the market for a gynecologist. The emphasis was on not just finding an OB/GYN for childbirth, but finding one for life. 

Dorland Healthcare Information wanted to drive home the message that their data would help marketers get to the right people before their competition. I came up with the concept of “being first” and the moon landing idea, then worked with the designer to finalize the ad layout.  I provided the ad copy and headline: What it feels like to be first.

When Hollister Publications needed quick, energetic writing for its weekly Travel Savers advertorials, I became a regular contributor based on my travel passion and experience as a travel writer and seasoned copywriter.

Bryn Mawr Hospital and Villanova University have a longstanding relationship. Bryn Mawr Hospital regularly sponsors Villanova Athletics events. The task for this print ad was to tie in the qualities that make for great athletic performance and great medical care. I came up with the headline and ad copy: Prowess. Performance. Excellence. Turns out our teams have a lot in common. 

As part of a regionwide push by Main Line Health to encourage eligible women to get their mammograms, I came up with the Make time for your mammo copy for employee and external audiences. This was based on data and feedback provided by marketing manager indicating how many women were not getting their mammograms and what kinds of lifestyle factors might be affecting their rationale, such as being “too busy.” 3D tomography was also just coming out so we wanted to educate and attract people to this new technology for women with dense breasts.