For the longest time I’ve been “okay” with my social media participation. I’ve been all over Facebook, an early adopter if you will, and I successfully marketed and converted business that way. I have a couple of Twitter accounts. Sometimes I jump into Hootsuite and deftly move between all the accounts I manage for myself and others.

But then I get bored with it all and pull away. Actually, I’ve pulled away for a good long while now. I dabble. I post obligatorily. But if social media were a window, I’d be staring out of it, daydreaming about something else. I’m ready for the next thing. The next “big” thing that’s going to capture our attention.

I thought it was video. It might be. And I could be missing some proverbial boat but I just can’t be bothered to video sometimes. I’ve got kids. It’s noisy. I used to make clips in my car. I had fun with it. Now it’s just drudgery. I’m not in the mood. Like ever.

So – I’m watching. Waiting. Investigating. Perusing. I think there’s something else coming soon. Another big thing. A wave of fun, cool, user engagement that’ll spark me up.

Or maybe I just need to to more consistently use what we’ve already got.

How about you? Are you bored with social media yet? If not, what jazzes you up? What platforms and programs are you using? What holds your attention – words, images, videos?

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