For the longest time I’ve been “okay” with my social media participation. I’ve been all over Facebook, an early adopter if you will, and I successfully marketed and converted business that way. I have a couple of Twitter accounts. Sometimes I jump into Hootsuite and deftly move between all the accounts I manage for myself […]

Testimonials are Good for Business – and Web Content

Think about it. Amidst all the communication on a web page, when you see an obvious quote – set apart in italics or quotation marks – your eye is drawn to this brief yet telling piece of information about the company or person whose page you’re on. A testimonial makes business personal. It validates the […]

3 Easy Tips to Clear the Clutter from Your Content

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No Call to Action? No action.

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3 Reasons People Keep Leaving Your Website (and what you can do about it)

No Call to Action (CTA). Take it from me, the content writer whose own website sat stagnating for years. Back in the day we built sites that were just online “brochures” for our businesses. Our websites matched our marketing materials and we really did believe that “if you build it they will come.” Nowadays, it’s just […]

5 Tips for a Killer Tagline

Brevity. A tagline should do its job efficiently. After that a tagline loses power, gets diluted. When it’s brief, there’s greater impact, presuming the words are wisely chosen and land like “That’s it!” for the listener or reader. While there are no hard and fast rules about tagline length – sometimes a longer tag may […]

3 Kick@#! Reasons to Hire an SEO Content Writer

Time.Let’s say you know how to write, and let’s say you also know how SEO works. But let’s say you’re in a completely different business that doesn’t require you, personally, to be an SEO content writer. You’re getting paid to do something other than write content. Or you’re a fledgling business that requires you to […]