3 Kick@#! Reasons to Hire an SEO Content Writer

Let’s say you know how to write, and let’s say you also know how SEO works. But let’s say you’re in a completely different business that doesn’t require you, personally, to be an SEO content writer. You’re getting paid to do something other than write content. Or you’re a fledgling business that requires you to hit the pavement and drum up new clients. As my husband always says, “How much is your time worth?” If you charge $100/hour for your services, then think about how many hours you would have to spend writing your own SEO content. Two hours? Three? Four? Or maybe 10 hours a month? Then ask yourself, if I were paying myself $100/hour – and I was consuming those hours doing something myself that could be outsourced to someone else – does it still make sense to do it? For most business owners, time is one of your most valuable resources. If you can hire an SEO content writer and pay for their time instead–do it.

When you hire a good SEO content writer, you’re paying for that person’s knowledge and experience with SEO keyword placement in page titles and subheads and paragraph content. A good content writer also knows how to massage the content towards the keywords without making your content sound awkward or spammy. To find a good content writer, look for someone who has experience with blog writing, online article writing, social media marketing or web content writing. Take a look at some of their online writing samples to get an idea of their work and ask them to explain how they’ve specifically helped businesses like yours develop search-engine friendly pages.

As a business owner, you want your web content, blog, social media, and online articles to be working for you all the time. You want your online world to match up with your offline efforts, so even when you go to bed at night, your web content is still out there working for you. And let’s face it, you’ve got enough to manage without being consumed by all these “things to do” online. Leverage your time and your focus by hiring a good SEO content writer to manage your online marketing and reputation. Finding a good writer can free you up and give you peace of mind that your business is being communicated professionally with an eye on best user experience and search engine ranking potential. 

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